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Simon Acok Stars In “Deadly Women”

We saw Simon Acok’s acting reel the other day and this guy can really act. He has range and communicates genuine emotions with the clarity and ease of an actor who is much older and who has decades of experience. Simon has been at this for just a few years but has been interested in acting since he was in high school. He decided after college to make a career out of acting and he’s been acting and training ever since.

He received comprehensive training at Victoria College of the Arts, which is one of the best acting schools in Australia and after that immersed himself into even more intensive and concentrated study with some of the most recognized names in the acting mentor world. He studied with Ricki Maslar in Los Angeles, Lesly Khan’s Improv classes, in Hollywood, and Paul Weber and Mike Pointer in Los Angeles.

Simon has performed in a great deal of projects from short films and features, to TV series and his favorite role so far has been an army veteran in the TV series Deadly Women. He said that there were many layers to his character who had come home from the army and then had relationship problems with his partner that led to his character’s death. It was very emotional for Simon to inhabit that character for a sustained period of time. However, he found it was a very satisfying role and it made Simon realize that an actor can push himself through powerful emotional thresholds in order to achieve the embodiment of a full characterization.

Deadly Women has been on television, the Discovery Channel, since 2005 in the United States and has been produced in Australia since 2008. The show is so popular that a dubbed version is shown on Spanish television and in Italian in Italy. Simon’s episode is in season 10, was just launched.

Simon has a lot of exciting projects coming up this year. He has a TV pilot in the works and several other projects which we look forward to seeing him in.