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The Lance Jones Show

Talk about amazing journeys!From Humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey to walking working with Celebrities to being chosen to serve three U.S. Presidential election & members of congress!A career in Federal and State corrections exhibiting & walking faith coupled with a great work ethic paid off. Successes after successes! Owner of a highly successful security […]

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Returning with an insanely powerful bop is Staten Island-based hip-hop artist Zack Castro, who’s new release is deeper than ever, as he delves into his past toxic relationship to build awareness around how damaging a toxic relationship can be. ‘All The Things’ is about a boy who will go to any length to be with […]

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Keeping Up With Harry Thynne -Musician Extraordinaire

Harry Thynne is a well-respected and popular Australian musician and drummer.He started on drums when he was six years old and went on to play guitar and piano before starting to produce for himself and other artists. Harry’s first major label signing was in 2010 with Modular Records (Universal) and his career really took off […]


British Actor Mike Archer, Continues To Take Risks And Give His Best Performances Through Acting And Filmmaking!

If you like to work the same hours every day, see the same faces, wake up every morning with the knowledge that you will most likely do nothing out of the ordinary and will probably do almost the exact same thing you did yesterday, then a bank job or restaurant position is for you. If, […]

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Junyi Zhang’s Children’s Book ‘When Mommy’s Busy‘ Wins BookFest Award In 3 Categories!

Junyi Zhang is a formidable entity in the art world. More precisely, she is one of the top artists in the animation industry not only because of her amazing body of work and the exquisite talent that she possesses, but also because she can get the job done on schedule and within budget, which is […]

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Why the Leather Tote Bag Is A Perfect for a Practical Woman

Whoever said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend clearly never needed the perfect leather bag to add a touch of glamour to everyday outfits .Let’s be honest, no matter how many chic bags you own, day-to-day, the bag you reach for most often is a a women leather tote bag. One day your leather […]

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HEALTHYWCK Slimming Sauna AB Belt for Weight Loss

If you’ve been looking for simple ways to boost your weight loss regimen, then you’ve already probably heard of waist trimmer belts. The life-changing benefits of a waist trimmer belt have been praised and used by everyone, from famous celebrities to average people looking to get rid of those extra inches of weight Neoprene Stomach […]