Rising Star Silenzer: From Honolulu to the Studio Spotlight – An Exclusive Interview

Silenzer is an American Emcee, Singer/Songwriter, Model and Actor who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. At a very young age, Silenzer was involved in several open mic performances where he wowed the crowds with an original flow and sound that he would later go on to coin to be his own.

At the age of 17 he got in the studio for the first time and recorded his song “MVP” which he would later go on to release to Soundcloud. Silenzer has been collaborating with various artists on the popular online app called band lab. He is currently in the studio in Atlanta working on his debut single titled “Switches” in which he will be teaming up with fellow rising emcees Mula Meech and Da Only Yae.

Silenzer has a unique and very distinct sound which is hard to forget once you listen for the first time. Silenzer is a rising star that you will want to keep an eye on.

1. **Early Beginnings and Inspiration:
– Can you tell us about your early experiences with music in Honolulu? What drew you to performing at open mic events, and how did these experiences shape your musical style?

Well growing up I listened to a lot of pop music and had a passion for singing, what had me on my first open mic was in South Carolina it was at a restaurant called the green goat. I was with my family and I wanted to try being on stage for the first time. When I got up I was extremely nervous but as soon as I started singing people loved it. So that’s where I started to love performing. As I got older I listened to rap in high school all bunch of different artists but to those who mix pop with rap. Hip hop artists what really caught my attention. The way they use music to create a bigger message about their story inspired me to create my own.

2. **First Studio Experience:**
– What was it like recording your first song, “MVP,” at the age of 17? How did that experience influence your future work in music?

When I was 17, Covid was very prevalent and I was always alone with any device, one day I was scrolling through beats for fun until I found one that really inspired me to make my first track “MVP” as I played with it I realized how much potential I had in the music industry to be able to create flow like the professionals. When I saw this potential I looked for more beats that unlock that same potential but there was barely any but it didn’t stop me from doing music today.

3. **Sound and Style:**
– You have a unique and distinct sound. How would you describe your musical style, and what influences have contributed to developing it?

I would describe my music style as wavey like the currents in the ocean. Something that everyone can vibe to and follow along. Biggest influences for me were Dababy, polo G, and Dax. Dababy gives a flow that almost anyone can dance to. Polo G gives a more melodic vibe to hip hop but talks about his story which is a huge inspiration. Dax is both lyrical and melodic I like how he switches things up but still gets his message out the same way

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4. **Collaborations on BandLab:**
– You’ve collaborated with various artists on BandLab. How have these collaborations impacted your music, and what do you enjoy most about working with other artists online?

Honestly it made me inspired to create more music. This artist is a childhood friend of mine and when I told him about my music he got so inspired. To a point where he would constantly message me about his music and always asked for my feedback because to him it really mattered. He’s an amazing writer but as a mentor of flow I taught him how to feel the music when writing out his tracks. So because he was writing so much it inspired me to also write more music. Everyone has a different story to tell whether personal or general but what I enjoy most is hearing about those personal experiences and how I can relate to some of those experiences. It allows me to connect to artists on a much deeper level and that’s what I enjoy most when working with other artists.

5. **Debut Single “Switches”:**
– You’re currently working on your debut single “Switches” with Mula Meech and Da Only Yae. Can you share more about this project and what listeners can expect from it?

Well for this project will not only be something that people can vibe with but also relate to. A lot of people from my experience tend to show one side of who they are as a person but leave out who they actually are. You can only do so much as one person but when you try to fix the relationship with anyone whether is a friend, lover or a family member. What tends to happen is they paint you as the bad guy and guilt trip you. But another thing they can expect is the other artist’s similar experience to this particular track.

6. **Balancing Multiple Roles:**
– As an emcee, singer/songwriter, model, and actor, how do you balance these different aspects of your career? Do you find that each role influences the others in any way?

Each has its own category so it really all depends what I feel like that day whether I want to create another song or model for a product or even act in film it really depends on how I feel like that day.
Every role has different inspirations, so to be honest, none of them are linked to my music inspiration.

7. **Influences and Inspirations:**
– Who are some of your biggest influences in music and entertainment? How have they shaped your approach to your craft?

Biggest influences for me were Dababy, polo G, and Dax. Dababy gives a flow that almost anyone can dance to. Polo G gives a more melodic vibe to hip hop but talks about his story which is a huge inspiration. Dax is both lyrical and melodic I like how he switches things up but still gets his message out the same way. They all have different approaches to music and they are my biggest inspiration in regards to creating my own sound and my own music.

8. **Future Projects and Goals:**
– What upcoming projects or goals are you most excited about? Where do you see your career heading in the next few years?

I’m excited for the new inspiration that come to me for it is a dark Road of surprise and I see myself inspiring others. Just giving people a good time. In the next few years, I see great opportunities and Conveying my message to a large audience

9. **Life in Atlanta:**
– How has moving to Atlanta influenced your music and opportunities? What differences do you notice between the music scenes in Honolulu and Atlanta?

Well, the fact that Atlanta is very prevalent in the hip-hop industry more than Honolulu is huge and hearing a lot of artists in Atlanta has created my own sound much more. For Honolulu is just pop music, but Atlanta has a whole new level of hip-hop and rap music.

10. **Advice for Aspiring Artists:**
– What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are looking to make their mark in the music industry?

My advice to aspiring artists is to find your touch to music because once you are able to feel the music along with what you’re writing down, you can in fact, create amazing music like the professionals can.

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