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Zoey Tess Biography: A Versatile Force in Contemporary Music


Zoey Tess, an acclaimed American songwriter and music producer, has made significant strides in the contemporary and popular music scenes. Her extensive repertoire, marked by genre diversity and creative depth, has positioned her as a notable figure in the industry. Born in Coral Springs, Florida, and later relocating to Newtown, Connecticut, Tess’s musical journey is as dynamic as her compositions.

Early Life and Musical Roots

Zoey Tess’s musical inclinations were evident from an early age, nurtured by a family with a rich artistic heritage. Her aunt, the late Corinne Camacho, was a respected actress in film and television, which undoubtedly influenced Tess’s artistic path. During her teen years, Tess honed her skills at Moomba Studios in New Milford, Connecticut, collaborating with music producer Michael Patzig. This period was instrumental in shaping her foundational knowledge and passion for music production.

Education and Early Career

Tess’s dedication to her craft led her to study classical piano, violin, and voice, earning her a place at the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts. Her talent and perseverance caught the attention of Vic Steffens, a New Haven-based record producer known for his work with legendary artists like The Rolling Stones and Harry Connick Jr. This collaboration lasted three years, during which Tess gained invaluable experience and insights into the music industry.

An internship at Horizon Music Group followed, eventually leading to a brief signing with Sony Records’ subsidiary under the same label. During this time, Tess released her jazz-fusion single “Late Night Thoughts,” showcasing her ability to blend different musical styles seamlessly. Her self-taught proficiency in digital audio workstations like Pro Tools and Logic Pro further underscored her versatility as a producer and songwriter.

Recent Collaborations and Successes

In 2023, Tess’s collaboration with producer and multi-instrumentalist Jake Siberon, of Mile-Marker-Zero, culminated in the release of singles “Human Nature” and “Turn Me Up.” These tracks highlighted her evolving sound and innovative approach to music production. August 2023 saw the release of “In These Dreams,” a self-penned orchestral ballad co-produced with Siberon. The track, mixed by Grammy Award-winning producer Mario McNulty, received widespread acclaim and topped charts globally, marking a high point in Tess’s career.

Contributions and Future Endeavors

Beyond her personal projects, Zoey Tess finds immense fulfillment in writing and producing music for other artists. Her portfolio includes work for high-profile names like Britney Spears and Mila Jam, demonstrating her adaptability and wide-ranging influence. Currently, Tess is expanding her catalog to include music for film and television, continuously exploring new sounds and styles.


Zoey Tess’s journey from a budding artist in Coral Springs to a renowned songwriter and producer is a testament to her unwavering passion and exceptional talent. With an impressive catalog and a string of successful collaborations, she continues to shape the future of contemporary music. For more information about Zoey Tess and her work, visit www.zoeytess.com.


For further inquiries, collaborations, or more details about Zoey Tess, please contact via the information provided on her website.

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