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Ezra William is an interesting person who is not only constantly creating new ideas and ways to express himself but he is one of those rare human beings who is fortunate enough to be able to do whatever his imaginative mind comes up with. If you watch TV you might have seen him on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills or Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.

Ezra loves fashion and he not only comes up with incredible design concepts but he loves to wear them. You could easily point him out in a long line up, he’s the one wearing the most interesting getup and he does with great aplomb. Besides having one of the most creative and possibly the most colorful mind out there, Ezra is also a lifestyle influencer. He has a personal website called Ezyklopedia, which is currently under construction, that revolves around his personal style and his more than unique lifestyle. It showcases everything from the things he loves to wear, current trends, places he loves and his favorite travel destinations. The website will ultimately house an Ecommerce shop where his followers and friends can purchase his personal creations as well as other brands and products.

Ezra definitely creates new and intriguing clothing but he believes that creativity should be in everything we touch and see – and eat – every day. That’s why he is opening a restaurant in New York City. The concept will be Balinese/French, names that immediately bring up thoughts of beauty, fine food, grace and human sweetness. It probably brings up a lot more to Ezra, but his incredible mind is always on the go anyway. He wants people to experience the cuisine he grew up with because even though it is exquisitely delicious, it has not been much appreciated and is a little under the radar.

Ezra got interested in fashion when he was 13 and even though he graduated from New York University with a major in business and concentrations in marketing, advertising and public relations, he has always kept his focused eye on the fashion world. In fact, he will be launching a shoe collection next year.

We actually think there is more to Ezra than we’ve been told. Obviously, he has a great capacity to create a great many things at one time. He is a fashion designer, a social influencer, a restaurateur, a shoe designer, a TV personality and…well we’ll see, won’t we. Until then we can’t wait to see what Ezra will do next.