Editor's pick


Just watched Celeste Buckingham’s music video Unpredictable on Youtube. She’s a very talented artist and obviously, she’s an intelligent young woman because she got the right people to do her video. The photography and direction was excellent and the editing was right on the money. That important element of any film or music video was done by the also very talented Adrian Morales Ramos.

He’s been an established film and digital editor for several years and every time I see one of his finished products I realize that Adrian is someone who I would hire if I were a producer. Why, because all of his work is flawless, each cut is there for a purpose and moves the story and action forward. And that’s what editing is all about. The editor sits in the editing bay and concentrates on how to make this the best production ever. Editors would never say that out loud but that’s what they are thinking.

The editor has to sift through tons of footage and he has to make a lot of notes and then go back and pull the best shots for how he sees the completed piece. In Unpredictable, when Adrian quick cuts within a scene it makes it keep up with the beat or the words and it just makes the rhythm of the piece feel very comfortable. In just a few seconds the visuals change from one scene or location to another and it works because the her story and character are moving forward throughout the day.

Adrian is a professional. All he would ever need to bring as a portfolio piece would be Unpredictable and the producers would hire him on the spot. It’s almost a perfect piece of work. I would have said perfect – but no one believes it when anyone says that. He has done so much editing in the last few years, on feature films like Waves and documentaries and dozens of award-winning short films, along with music videos like Unpredictable, which you can pull up on Youtube in about two seconds.

Adrian works in Spain and the U.S. and the UK. He is starting a post-production company in Andalusia, which will open in 2017, and besides his busy editing schedule, he is developing other projects as well.