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Blue-Eyed Soul Singer Bohdi Rose

Blue-Eyed Soul Singer Bohdi Rose

When I first heard Bohdi Rose sing – it was a revelation. Her voice was so beautiful and so in tune with the sounds that the universe makes when it is feeling artistic, sexy, well-trained, professional and absolutely perfect that I had to wonder where this woman has been for so long. Of course, it may just be the writer of this article who is out of touch but some listeners to her singing that great song Gold Carrot must have visualized Bohdi singing everything from James Bond movie’s themes song to country and western, ballads, R&B, pop and anything else she might feel like singing at any given moment.

Bohdi is London-born and has roots in South Africa and she tells us that some of the big musical influences on her career have been Nina Simone and Janis Joplin along with Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac. We can see that there are perhaps traces of those artists in her but Bohdi is her own unique singer with a compelling full-bodied, authentic voice that can mesmerize, comfort and scold you all within the space of a few bars.

Bohdi was raised in England and in South Africa and her father played blues guitar and harmonica for her and her siblings. She tells us that he left the biggest impression on her – musically, that is. She, of course is a singer and a songwriter so she can put things in a much more touching manner: “My dad is the reason why I sing. I loved watching him perform at home, there would be so much fire in his eyes when he sang, he gave me an affinity for baring my soul through music.”

She fell in love with music at an early age and taught herself how to play the piano when she was only eight years old. However, if a family member or anyone else entered the room her shyness forced her to stop playing immediately. She, like many kids that young, just aren’t ready to share their talents with anyone. By the time she reached sixteen, she was a rebel and enrolled in a musical arts college and began singing in a rock band. And we are very happy that she got over the shy stage in her life. Bohdi’s talent will definitely take her to the top of her game and to the top of the music world. A true talent worth listening to.

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