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Actor Emma Potts is known for her versatile roles on the big screen and on television, including ‘Pimped’, ‘A Nation, Found’, ‘Torment’ and ‘The Checkout’.

Emma’s performance in the film ‘Pimped’ alongside CW’s ‘Gotham’ star, Benedict Samuel, and Ella Scott Lynch, was awarded Best Australian Feature at the 2018 Monster Fest Festival. Emma also recently starred in the art film ‘A Nation, Found’ which was shortlisted at Tropfest Film Festival in 2018.

Emma also stars in the upcoming film, ‘Sketches from a Dancer’s Album’. This is Emma’s second collaboration with writer/director Arman S. Haghi, previously working together in the aforementioned ’A Nation, Found’ in ‘Sketches from a Dancer’s Album’, Emma stars in the role of Jessica, portraying a young dance teacher and aspiring actor. Jessica’s life spirals downwards as she experiments with acts of self-harm after her boyfriend cheats on her and releases revenge-porn on the internet. The film tackles the themes of the current social media climate of sharing personal images online, and the struggles of mental death issues. Emma’s talents as an actor are on full display as she undertakes the dark role of a strong woman trying to keep on keeping on, despite her life falling apart due to the revenge-porn, and the mental health issues that have crept in as a result.

Emma Potts has been recognized for her leading performances as characters that range from soft and gentle to complex characters portraying darker themes. The Australian-born actor is now based in Los Angeles working in Hollywood.

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