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Dine in the Avant-Garde Spectra Rock Band SAVARRE’s Latest Profoundly Touching Masterpiece Themed “Haven”

While I am never particular about many things in life, I am always 100% certain that any new tune by multi-colored rock frontman SAVARRE is an authentic masterpiece even before listening to it. My belief was once again vindicated when I pushed the play button and found myself uncontrollably lost in SAVARRE’s latest magical tune, “Haven,” which is simply a masterpiece in melodic music transcendence!

An innovative band that epitomizes the essence of multi-genre sound design and embodies the core attributes of diversity among its members, SAVARRE has always made music that is thoughtful, conscious, and driven by a desire not only to entertain but also motivate and inspire by bringing their own unique story to the table. Fronted by the strikingly gifted vocalist, songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist Shannon Denise Evans, SAVARRE’s music is all about the magic; it is its signature!

Embracing poise, passion, and power like never before, a listener is bound to find so much solace in this immersive listening experience. And can we take a moment to acknowledge Evans’ golden, angelic and effortlessly powerful vocals: girl, she hits those notes higher than my high school grades…picking up at the chorus and pulling you in into wanting more!

Delivered with an understated melancholy, a beautifully contrasting hopeful theme weaves itself through the lines. The tune gets off to a laid-back intro, with the blissfully hit piano and guitar strings laying the foundation for the other harmonies to stream in.

As the track builds, the plush pop features skillfully escape, ushering in the more vibrant and invigorating rock features, augmented by those viciously hit guitars and drums. All the while, Shannon’s euphonious vocals can match the cadence, lusciously slinking over the instrumentation with command and clarity!

At this point, SAVARRE is seriously approaching the pinnacle of the horizon; they have been growing from strength to strength! Their whirlwind breakthrough era is now inevitable, and tracks like “Haven” will mark the beginning of something huge!

To stream “Haven,” follow the attached link, save it to your library, and share this masterpiece everywhere!

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