Thomas B. Bryant aka “T.Bryant”

The Harmonious Journey of T. Bryant: From Military Service to Musical Inspiration

Thomas B. Bryant aka “T.Bryant” is a 26-year United States Army Combat
veteran and multi-talented entertainer from Silver Creek, Mississippi. He has
shared the stage with Grammy Award winners Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary and
Kirk Franklin as well as renowned Comedian Marcus D. Wiley of the Yolanda
Adams Morning Show. In 2010, T. Bryant was blessed with an opportunity to
audition for BET’s Sunday’s Best Season Four. In addition, he released his first
two song EP in 2011 titled “Restoration.” One of the songs, “Fall on My Knees” is
a musical tribute to the Men and Women in uniform. T. Bryant takes pride in what
he does…he educates, motivates and inspires others to utilize their unique talents
and spiritual gifts to be used as a blessing to others.

Early Beginnings and Inspiration:

Can you share with us how your journey in music and entertainment began?

My journey began when I was a child singing with my brother and sisters (Preachers Kids) whenever my father would travel to preach we would be his make-shift choir. Were there any early influences or experiences that shaped your career? I’ve always loved the quartet style of music growing up and during my teenage years R&B and Southern Soul type music influenced me greatly.

Military and Music:

How has your 26-year experience in the United States Army influenced your music and your approach to entertainment?

I’ve had the distinct pleasure to visit some amazing places and not so amazing as well, however, each place gave me a different perspective on how I view the world. So when I write or perform my music it often takes me back to those places that I’ve once been and opens up my creative spirit.

Collaborations with Big Names:

You’ve shared the stage with some incredible artists like Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, and Kirk Franklin. Can you tell us about these experiences and how they’ve impacted your career?

CONFIDENCE!!!!!! knowing that big-name artists appreciate your gift and acknowledge that you have a gift. To me, that has given me the drive and determination to pursue my passion that much greater.

Auditioning for BET’s Sunday’s Best:

What was it like auditioning for BET’s Sunday’s Best Season Four? How did that opportunity come about, and what did you learn from the experience?

A friend of mine mentioned that Sunday’s Best Auditions were going to be held in Atlanta during the time I was stationed there and that I should go and try out for it. So, I did and it was an amazing and awesome experience. I learned that if you’re truly determined and committed to following your dream….do not allow the naysayers to deter you from your goals and objectives.

EP “Restoration” and Tribute Song:

Your EP “Restoration” includes a song called “Fall on My Knees,” which is a tribute to the men and women in uniform. Can you talk about the inspiration behind this song and what it means to you?

This song was written specifically for my brothers and sisters in arms…I wanted them to know personally how much I appreciated them. Also to let the world know that we are appreciated.

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