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Ultimate Discount Services

During Superbowl week here in Houston we had the pleasure of meeting Casuel Pitts and Ray Lewis, the former linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens and they shared their amazing company that literally every consumer needs to take advantage of. When we asked Mr. Pitts why he came up with this concept he clearly said it in four words, “To Change The World”. He made it clear and spoke passionately about helping people with the services that are provided within Ultimate Discount Services INC,. The President of the company, Mr. Ray Lewis has the same passion as far as helping people, but his overall goal is introducing what this company has to offer to our youth.

Mr. Lewis knows how important it is to educate our youth on financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Ultimate Discount Services is revolutionizing the way people address their out-of-pocket deductibles. Often the out-of-pocket deductibles seem to occur when you least expect or when finances are tight. UDS provides assurance and conference, no matter what the crisis may be that you will be covered when the time comes. Whether it’s a speeding ticket, medical bill, or what have you, UDS will be there when you need it the most. Our partnerships have allowed us to provide stellar service to our members and subscribers. We’re still growing while scaling our offerings to ensure that our members feel a part of something great. Join this movement by going to to enroll NOW!