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Dr. LaVern McCants is an Amazing Influential Writer for Women and Youth

Dr. LaVern McCants is a greatly respected author and the author of the books, Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changer, Wise Girl Talk, and From Boy to Manhood: Every Boy Has an Opportunity to Become a Great Man. 

McCants provides profound words of wisdom for different populations. Much of her advice is backed by research and proven to influence positive change. Her books are indeed must-read publications. Readers benefit significantly from her words of wisdom.   

Single Lady Wise Talk: The Rule-Changer was named “Best Book of the Year 2021” and “Top Choice Book.” She has also been awarded “Author of the Month” and recognized as “Selected Author of 2021.” 

McCants has written outstanding books for girls and women and many self-help nonfiction books for youth geared to enable youth to advance academically and make positive choices. These books are indeed great reads that offer many benefits for the younger population. 

Dr. McCants was nominated for Who’s Who Among American Teachers and The Global Apple Award as an educator. The College of Education nominated McCants at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she received her doctorate to serve on the advisory board for the Provost Office, which is a great honor to be at this level of a decision-maker at a large university. 

Dr. McCants’ work has been featured in the media throughout the United States, U.K., France, Italy, Australia, The Netherlands, Brazil, and other countries globally.

Read more about Dr. McCants at www.lavernmccants.com and www.singleladywisetalk.com. Follow her on Facebook at Facebook.com/drlavernmccants.com. Look for her books in bookstores such as Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Books-a-Million, Powell Books, and other places across the globe.

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