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An interview with Successful Fashion Designer – Gloria Edwards

AC: When did you first start designing?

GE: I started sewing at age 14 and designing and making/ modifying patterns for my own dresses, pants, skirts, etc. Around that time I started sewing, I was influenced by The Cure and all types of alternative music. My style is constantly changing, and I’m an open minded spiritual person. As a designer I’m always keeping up with current trends, pushing the envelope, thinking out of the box and using the latest most innovative techniques. I’ve always been consider to be high end and edgy. My style is musically inspired, so I like to think of my designs as different kinds of genres of music… punk, electro, rock, ambient, futuristic, metal, while at the same time my designs can be fun and sexy too.

AC: Who or what inspired you to become a designer? Was it always something you always knew you would do?

GE:   It was something I was born to do. I paid for weekly sewing and pattern making classes before attending FIDM to get my degree in fashion design. Friends, music,  art, traveling, photographers such as David LaChapelle, hairstylists, stylists, and other fashionistas inspire me. Books like Fashion Now by Taschen, Techno Textiles, David LaChapelle’s “Hotel LaChapelle” (which I had the honor to working with Super model Ala from that book who has modeled for me), Toni and Guy Look Books inspire me. Also being able to work with Ebony from America’s Next Top Model in one of my runway shows for LA fashion week was very inspirational.


AC: Who are your favorite designers and why?

GE: Rick Owens is like a Ronnie Wood in fashion, Jeremy Scott for being hilarious with his funny prints, Gareth Pugh for his darkness, Betsey Johnson for being so young and fresh at heart, and for being pescetarian (and former vegan) I love Stella McCartney for her use of only Vegan faux leathers. Some other favorite designers of mine are Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang, and high end luxury lines like Coach & Cavalli.

AC: You have been involved with a lot of cool lines what was one  one of your favorite projects to work on so far and why?

GE: Morphine Generation and Factory by Erik Hart was more my style… I suspect that I actually inspired that line. Morphine Generation was very ground breaking and I was very instrumental in that line. COA (City of Angels) was another fun line to be involved with in LA. Other lines I have worked for have been Guess by Marciano (denim design), Vince (men’s division as senior fit technician), Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier (Senior Designer for men’s and women’s outerwear and jackets selling 13,000 units of many jackets), Kik Wear & Rank another division of Kik Wear (selling 3,000-9,000 units of my multiple designs of skinny jeans in Hot Topic), and I have worked on the Harajuku line as well. Some of these labels may seem outdated… but they are considered ground breaking in fashion. Creating my own line has been very inspirational and fulfilling. I’ve done several successful fashion photo shoots with David Evans creative director for Toni and Guy in LA , but one of my favorite photographers I’ve worked with is the famed Reto Halme who is now located in Berlin, Germany.

AC: Tell us about your new collection and what influenced you/inspired you, for your clothing?

GE: Chains, nylon quilted fabrics, denim, and asymmetrical lines are always inspirational. Designing for Lords of Acid for their 2012 tour which kicked off at Club Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles was excellent.

AC: What are your plans for the future?

GE:  I am currently in the midst of completing the details and scouting locations for my next 9 outfit photoshoot. I have been working with Jeff Robert of CSG Music designing and placing some of garments for their artist in upcoming tours.

AC: What is your advice to other aspiring designers, that would also love to have a successful career in this business?

GE: Start young and invest in weekly sewing/ pattern making lessons before going to school for it, this way you will really know if this is for you. If your dreams are big you need to be around good people who want to see you succeed which was difficult for me at the beginning of my career in this industry. My talent and designs speaks for itself. Surround yourself with people who think on your level and are good energy.

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