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Butta B-Rocka ‘Strange Luv’

Good songs excite listeners, But truly great songs open up a gateway into a world of sound where the parameters are defined by the imaginations of those making the music. Butta B-Rocka makes music that’s – funky, fresh, colorful, and playful. “Strange Luv” is an alternative pop-soul, melting pot of creativity. Butta takes you on a magical, mystical journey into parallel dimensions full of discovery. 

Produced by Lunaman from Belgium, written by Butta B Rocka, and co-written by Atlanta rapper Homer MC- these creators are making a statement that they don’t want to be put in a box!. They’re a perfect complement to Butta B-Rocka’s sound. 

 With its wild costumes and psychedelic garden-party aesthetic, directed by Mazi O’s, the video offers a vibrant nod towards Alice In Wonderland before leading Butta B-Rocka down a tangled trail of twist and turns. Love is a strange thing, and you’ll never be the same if you surrender to it. Butta introduces you to this Strange Luv in Butta Butta Land.  

About Butta B-Rocka

Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson is a highly versatile and internationally acclaimed indie international recording artist and songwriter. Her career includes work as a published actress and model. She’s also the best-selling author of “Fear of Failure”, a playwright,” I Cheated So What,” Editor-in-Chief (for Defiant Ones Teen Magazine), the Host of Transparency Talks Podcast, and is the CEO and founder of the 501c3 non-profit “Artists Rock the MIC Foundation”. Oleathia “Butta B-Rocka” Robinson has been diligently putting in work across all markets and borders.

Butta has redefined the term “versatility” by showcasing her vocals and composed pieces for ears worldwide, across genres from pop, rock, gospel, country, and rap. Between her background vocals, demo recordings, and stage performances, her résumé boasts work and assistance with international superstars, Grammy winners, and performers like Janet Jackson, Akon, TLC, Kanye West, Nas, Collective Soul, Zac Brown, Dream, Japanese star Namie Amuro, Belgium artist Sandrine and countless other talents across the globe. Butta is a triple threat, your one-stop-shop!

Unequaled in its diversity and flexibility- Butta B-Rocka’s unique and powerful vocal range has allowed her to sing enchanting, soulful melodies in a wide variety of genres- ranging from R&B, pop, and rock, to country, rap, and even gospel, from the US, UK, Germany, Holland, Japan, Canada, Portugal, Caribbean Islands, Chile, Puerto Rico, Antigua, and throughout Africa, these are just a few of the many places that have heard her soul-stirring music.

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