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Rapper SKG Joins Attorney Crump’s Equal Justice Awards Gala in Support of Social Justice Advocacy

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump recently hosted the third annual Equal Justice Now Awards in Los Angeles, a prestigious event aimed at recognizing individuals and organizations dedicated to advancing social justice causes across America.

Among the notable attendees was rapper SKG, also known as Helecia Choyce, who graced the occasion with her presence alongside her family and her daughter, upcoming actress Yelani Sinclair.

The star-studded gala, held at the Lax Marriott Hotel on March 29th, was a platform to honor influential figures such as singers Cher, Al B Sure, George Clinton, Love and Hip Hop executive producer Mona Scott Young, and other prominent celebrities for their outstanding contributions to their communities.

SKG’s attendance at the event underscores her commitment to humanitarian efforts, social justice advocacy, and philanthropy.

Hosted by Terrence J, the Equal Justice Now Awards provided a spotlight on individuals and organizations that have made significant strides in addressing systemic inequalities and promoting equal rights for all. SKG’s presence at the event reflects her dedication to supporting causes that uplift marginalized communities and amplify voices that are often overlooked.

In addition to her presence at the gala, SKG shared insights into her upcoming music projects, indicating a continued dedication to using her platform to address social issues and inspire positive change. As an artist and activist, SKG’s involvement in events like the Equal Justice Now Awards underscores the important role that celebrities can play in advocating for social justice and driving meaningful impact within their communities

. As SKG continues to use her influence to shed light on important social issues, her participation in events like the Equal Justice Now Awards serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating a more just and equitable society for all. With new music on the horizon and a passion for driving change, SKG remains a powerful force for social good within the entertainment industry and beyond.

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