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BelVetro Artisan Murano Glass Lamps and Houseware: And the reason you will love it

Have you ever seen a lamp that was crafted with such care and detail that it seems to have been made of by an angel? Have you ever seen a glass lamp molded in such way that it shape and colour makes a statement? This is the presence created by the craftsmanship of expert glass makers that utilize traditions hundreds of years old. You can search everywhere but you won’t find a parallel to what you have here at BelVetro.

BelVetro utilizes excellent experienced craftsman to hand make lamp and other products using a craft that has existed since the enlightenment. Murano is a group of venetian island that as far back as the age of enlightenment has produced excellent quality glass and ornaments that were desired all throughout europe. The raw materials found in and around murano makes for glass that was more beautiful and rich than almost anything that was around. The same thing is true for today where we brought back this ancient craft to mold a new standard in lamps and household ornaments.

BelVetro crafts exquisite artisan based lamps from murano glass. We have brought back the ancient tradition of murano glass making and used it to craft beautiful pieces of artwork that not only define our history but speak to the grandeur of an era. We believe wholeheartedly in our craft and aim to mold a piece of history in every single lamp.

Murano glass is smooth and seamless and flows elegantly with every curve. It is clear with hints of colour that accentuate its flow at the edges, molded into handmade lamps.

Our lines of products are nuanced and varied. Our classic lines has a spectacular grandeur. The glass has an angelic tint that will touch your soul when light. A victorian feel is expressed in its design and the details makes itself known at first glance. The more modern lines involve other color tints that add a nuanced essence to the pieces. Combinations of red, blues, gold and green add a different character that can be changed and modified if in combination. Make a statement with BelVetro murano glass.

You can purchase anyone of our products on demand or if you like we design products from scratch for those individuals that like the touch and feel of unique. So what are you waiting for? Contact us to own a beautiful handmade glass lamp and own a piece of the legacy of venice.