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What if the greatest of all time was never heard?

Listening to The Knew is entering into a world without space or time, where the economy is sustained by love and hate, rhythm and blues. There is no fame, and the only successes are the ones achieved by being present in every wakening moment, and renewed in every lasting memory.
In a counterintuitive approach to his debut album, the production for The Knew was not made to fit into the 2018 mold of pop music. Rather, since its inception, was designed as a timeless piece. The album is raw, abrasive, and bleeds transparency. It is also a fluid and cohesive curation of music. The vocals are left unprocessed to complement the honesty conveyed in the lyrics. Every word is powerful and poignant. In its conclusion, the listeners are left with a filling experience that creates an appetite requiring multiple servings to properly digest.


To hear The Knew visit: sumitallup.bandcamp.com/yum