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Keeping Up With Harry Thynne -Musician Extraordinaire

Harry Thynne is a well-respected and popular Australian musician and drummer.
He started on drums when he was six years old and went on to play guitar and piano before starting to produce for himself and other artists. Harry’s first major label signing was in 2010 with Modular Records (Universal) and his career really took off internationally from there. That was over a decade ago and we wondered what’s been going on in his life since then. We know that he had signed with management, record companies and toured throughout the states and has been successful as a musician during that time. All this was before the pandemic. Like so many artists and producers his life was completely turned upside down. So, what has this talented musician been up to over the last two years? We recently found out!

Harry, please tell us what you’re doing now in the world of music.
Presently I’m working on a release with musician Andy Clockwise. Andy is an Australian born, L.A. based recording artist, producer, performer and multi-instrumentalist. His new album “War Stories” is about to drop and we’ve been teasing some back catalog and new singles out since last year. I have also been working with a great Australian actor Sam Reid – currently starring in AMCs “Interview with The Vampire”. We’ve been producing some really great demos for years now and we feel close to a recording date to record some great work. I’m always working on my own material and working with other producers too.
My long time collaborator and producer Jason Lowrie and I have been getting some great work put there for other artists. In my spare time I have been working on a platform to promote and produce collaborative work between US and Australian artists. Since the pandemic really brought online and remote collaboration into the focus, artists and producers have become more savvy with the technology that’s also had to rise to the challenge. My hope is to help people share their experience of the world through music. The idealist in me is trying to reignite the cross pacific connection and building content to line up with the possible conversion to touring between the two countries. This ideally would see big name US producers connecting with 1st nations and remote communities in Australia and vice versa.

Harry, so many people equate success with becoming famous, making lots of money, owning expensive cars and living in huge mansions. What is your idea of success?
I think these days our expectations of success have had to change. With the pandemic still raging, the ecological collapse more and more evident around us each year and now the threat of war on a level perhaps not seen before, it’s kinda hard to make plans… I’ve brought my focus down to much smaller and achievable goals. I’m trying to stay nimble with my plans and targets. Luckily creating and even performing in the short term is still totally possible. Let’s take the good we have and run with it! Success has never been so defined by what can be achieved in the immediate future. I think building slow and incrementally is really gratifying over time. That seems the best way to measure success in our present.