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Returning with an insanely powerful bop is Staten Island-based hip-hop artist Zack Castro, who’s new release is deeper than ever, as he delves into his past toxic relationship to build awareness around how damaging a toxic relationship can be.

‘All The Things’ is about a boy who will go to any length to be with the person he loves, but she takes him for granted. Nothing in the world, he admits, could keep him from pursuing her. He’ll stay up all night waiting for her to respond, even if she doesn’t care. He’s considered it many times, and even after all the signals of treachery, he still wouldn’t do anything she’s done to him. Every time he shows her how much he loves her, she slaps him in the face and wounds him again.

Zack’s love for music came from listening to his older sisters, as well as his parent’s music as a kid and since then his passion has become a full-time career. Zack’s diversion into the rap industry started when he was influenced by artists such as; Travis Scott, The Weekend and Kanye West. Now he’s taking the industry by storm with his own unique sound, and collaborations that are landing him on multiple playlists.

Zack is an artist we can all connect and build a relationship with due to the feelings and stories he shares with his fanbase, the start of Zack’s career was slow, due to his insecurities which a lot of us can relate to. Zack had to push back the naysayers and pursue his career one step at a time and enjoy it along the way. Now Zack has taken control of his career and is creating hits left, right and centre.

“​​I spent too much time focusing on the end result before I even built the courage up to chip away every day at this craft. What I can say for the future is to take this journey with me and be patient cause there will be a lot of experimenting and finding different sounds, but it will be a fun and colorful journey for the ones that stick around. “ – Zack

Zack is the honest artist we all love following, and with his songs becoming bigger than ever we definitely want to be a part of his journey as an artist inspiring others.

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