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From Uni-Dropout To Celebrity Business Coach

Ozzin Jun is the nation’s #1 Business & Life Coach from Switzerland & in one of the top 10 youngest female coaches recognized by yahoo.

From a broke student in her dorm room and massive debts, she transformed her life and is now Celebrity Business Coach helping people to monetize their passion and dominate in their industries as next level star. She helps her clients to build and scale their own coaching business with the authority they deserve.

Ozzin’s story began as freelance artist and social media influencer where she gained popularity for her arts and lifestyle blogs. She started as a copywriter and promoted other businesses on social media, which led her to becoming the #1 social media marketing expert with a focus on instagram as said by many major publications.

Ozzin, the founder of Jun International Coaching, helps coaches and aspiring entrepreneurs to add additional revenue in their business while freeing up their time. She is well-known for her proactive dedication and transformation beyond business that her clients had by using her own JIC-concept. Attracting over than chasing system.

”Change is scary, but never living your dream because you were too afraid to take a risk is even scarier.”

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