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Germany’s Own World Class Social Media Influencer Maya Antić

Actress, award winning figure skater, fashion model, beauty, lifestyle blogger and social media star – who has time to do all of these things and do them successfully? The answer of course, is the multi-faceted, multi-talented, multi-tasking and mesmerizing German born Maya Antić. Could it be anyone else? We have seen her talented and extremely beautiful self in movies such as Border Crosser among others, and the HBO hit TV series Entourage. She continues to skate professionally in ice shows and strived her way into becoming one of the super successful up and coming social media influencer starlets.

She takes her readers with her through her daily routines, her everyday job and her personal lifestyle. She never fails to amaze with outstanding content that is always exceptional, inspiring, esthetically chic, yet super informative and educating. We’ve seen her partnering with Ebay, California Almonds, Nike and other well-known brands on the market. Someone once asked her where she gets her ideas and inspiration from and she didn’t hesitate to answer that her content comes from her everyday life, most importantly her heart. She is a wonderful communicator which provides fresh inspiring content with a proof of vast following on Instagram.

She can talk about anything and that is the truth. One morning she might post about her delicious coffee attached with an uplifting, inspirational quote then segue into her ice skating or a typical work day…
Her influencing style is important, more so her authenticity and realness has been outstandingly unique in the social media world these days. She has grasped the essence of what a highly successful social media influencer should do – engage her readers in any way.

She warmly invites them in with a smile with her opening sentences and then once they are in she takes them on a wonderful ride where she is the driver, the hostess and their best friend. Never one to admonish, antagonize or offend, Maya appreciates her readers and openly shares her points of view which shows in every one of her postings.

Maya firmly believes that content ideas should always come naturally and that one should never force anything. Genuineness and authenticity are the backbone of Maya’s success in the social media world, on her blog – and everything else in her life for that matter. Honest thoughts, conscientious delivery and most of all, it’s coming from a genuine place in her heart. That kind of self-awareness, drive, power and ambition has enabled Maya to achieve a global audience that continues to grow. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store, but one thing is for sure… We, and apparently her readers can’t get enough of her as she never ceases to amaze with her charismatic aura and everything else Maya stands for.


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