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‘London Hood’ Actor Bevan Viljoen

Bevan Viljoen is an actor with a true passion for acting.  He was drawn to the stage while in high school, but put acting on the backburner while pursuing his career as an athlete in college.  It did not take long for him to be drawn back in by his passion for acting.  Bevan began taking film and theatre classes at the Actor’s Centre and at various private studios.  Even to this day, he continues to participate in workshops in both London and LA to further his skills as an actor.

Bevan did an amazing job playing the role of Andy in Pearls of Africa, a true story that will take your breath away.  He has also done work on commercials such as Nike Athlete and Appletiser.  Bevan has also worked on TV in a series called Gigolo and on a TV movie titled Black in Blue. Bevan was also in a short film, London Hood, which was nominated for The Best Short Film at the Cannes Short Film Festival.

This is not his only nomination of course.  Bevan was not only nominated for the Best Actor Award, but was chosen to receive the Best Actor Award from Transatlantic Films last year. Further Bevan was in Brothers Promise, a short film that was shown at this year’s Nova Film Festival and the prestigious Action on Film Festival in Los Angeles where it won it’s category for ‘Best Action Scene’.  He also starred in an independent Sci-Fi film as the lead villain, the film is titled Blue Valkyrie.  Bevan is currently filming Fighting Talk in London, where he plays an American Special Agent named Dexter Hunter.  Bevan is currently getting ready to start filming a new movie called The Ghost of the Black Sea, and he will also be working on a new movie that has not been announced yet.  Bevan is working hard and accomplishing amazing things as he continues his acting career.