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The Swedes are at it again. They are making waves in the artistic world and showing the universe what great actors they really are. Of course, that’s fine with us, because there is a tradition of great acting from that beautiful northern country and audiences welcome that kind of wonderful artistic discipline whenever it appears and from wherever it comes from.

One young actress who has established herself as one of those fine Swedish thespians is Sofie Gallerspang. She has performed in countless films and stage plays in her native Sweden and is planning to come to Hollywood soon to continue her professional career. She has studied with Lorrie and Dianne Hull in London and Los Angles, they are the leading teaches for teaching Strasberg´s Method, more known as Method acting. Sofie also attended Gothenburg University in their Theater Studies program. Sofie has studied other types of acting technique including Stanislavski, Chubbuck, Physical theatre and improvisation and was coached by Linda Slade in American Accent for Actors and with Roger Christianson for body movements. She also worked with the two Swedish actors and directors: Victor Von Schirach and Lars-Magnus Larsson.

Some of the films Sofie has been featured in are: Up in the blue, The two of Us, The Gangsters, Stop Police!, Afraid of the Dark, For a good cause, Kiss My Hand and Thank Me, Meatwall, Monica Z ,The Call Girl and Blondie, to name just a few of the many she’s worked on. Sofie is also an accomplished stage actress and she has had lead roles in A story Of Life, It will Hurt and Nasty Stories About Food, to list just a few.

Sofie has mostly been a dramatic actress but she has been exploring comedy lately and she loves it. She finds it interesting that writers don’t often mix genres and have films and plays that contain both drama and comedy. In fact, she couldn’t find any good scripts with those elements in them so she took it upon herself to write and produce several short films plays that she starred in that contain both serious issues with comedic overtones.

Whenever she’s not on a movie set shooting a TV show, film or commercial, Sofie is usually writing her own material to produce and act in. She is a talented woman who is much more than just an actress. She is a human being who can write, produce, and act, all of which will be very useful when she lands in Los Angeles.