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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Germany Kent

Between her impressive resume (author, activist, actress, media personality) and her tireless humanitarian efforts, there’s no denying that Germany Kent is a powerhouse. When this well-known social media influencer isn’t on the Internet or on TV, you may find her at the beach, on red carpets and actively involved with a variety of non-profit organizations.

You Are What You Tweet author Germany Kent quickly became one of the most popular influencers in the social media world, with her fame reaching not only in North America but all across the globe as well! In 2015, the social media influencer was recognized for her optimism and journey of self-discovery by being named one of the Top 100 most influential people on Twitter. In 2016, she was ranked one of the Top 100 people to follow on Twitter.

This pretty powerhouse has been featured in a string of nationally televised commercials for some big brands including EHarmony, Nike, Coors Light and Verizon. While you might be familiar with Kent’s impressive body of work, we’ve compiled some facts about The Hope Guru that are sure to surprise you.

Where as her movie star looks and talents have gained her a loyal fan base, here are a few things you might be surprised to learn about Kent herself.

She loves the beach – “One of the things that drew me to Southern California was my love for the beach and usually if I’m not speaking somewhere, on set, or volunteering, you can find me at the beach. I love it!”

She loves rollercoasters – “I am a theme park enthusiast! I get excited like a little kid and will ride all the rides. I scream, make silly faces for the picture and laugh really hard when it’s over.”

She loves to skate – “One of my favorite things in life is roller skating. You can often find me skating on the boardwalk. When I was growing up my dad (who is a DJ) worked at a skating rink and I would go every weekend. I have been cast as a skater in a short film and also a commercial.”

She is a seafood lover – “I am so fond of seafood. I would say that either salmon or shrimp are my favorite comfort foods. I am also a huge fan of lobster and even eat it on pizza. It’s scrumptious.”

Her favorite movie is Annie with Shawshank Redemption coming in a close second – “I can sing every song [in Annie] and know the entire movie. People hate watching it [Shawshank] with me because I’m so into it.”

She’s is a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez – “Back in 1999 when JLO released ‘On the #6,’ people were hating on me for liking her. That album really helped me to refocus. She kick-started my awakening of being a multifaceted woman. I was like that girl has talent and she’s good at more than just one thing. I’ve followed her acting, music, philanthropy, and motherhood, she’s all that and more.”

She is a closet Chef –“I’ve been cooking since I was literally 10 years old. I use to prepare meals and have my family pretend like we were in a restaurant. After I got really good (at cooking), then I started charging for my meals. Knowing how to cook really came in handy when I went to college – it also meant the difference between ramen noodles and short ribs.”

Her guilty pleasure is orange juice –“I do have a favorite brand and it is always in my refrigerator. I drink 3-4 glasses of orange juice a day. Sometimes I mix it with pineapple or mango juice. When I go to an open-bar at red carpet events, I always order it. That’s my thing.”

She hates taking selfies – “I never look like myself in the picture. To date, I have one selfie that I have taken on my own. It was with TV producer Mark Burnett. I couldn’t find anyone to take the picture because they were all standing in line trying to give him their business card. It is one of my most treasured photos.”

She’s a longtime fan of Community Service – “I was raised in a Baptist home and have stayed true to my religious and servant roots in many regards. For years, I have volunteered at homeless shelters and other missions and tried to be a person of action, deeds and a willing vessel of hope.”

You can follow Germany @germanykent or learn more about her at www.germanykent.com