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How to know SHE’S CHEATING using Amor Armour’s Sniff Test

Local businessman and artist, Amor Armour, claims a girl’s cheating habits can be found out by doing a simple “sniff test’.

Amor Armour, also known as the fictional character REALPARTYKID, claims, “All you gotta do is pretend to go down on her. Kiss her from forehead to her panty line and then conduct the sniff test. “If it smells like fish, you must not hit.” the film artists alledgedly claimed at a conference for recently divorced executives. Many men have allegedly contacted the Los Angeles playboy (as seen from his fruitful sex life on Instagram) to teach them signs of a cheating. Medical professionals such as, Planned Parent Hood agree. Claiming Trichomoniasis (Trich for short), a sexually transmitted parasite is the cause of the fish smell.

“Armour is wrong?” “Armour is hurt?” These are current claims from feminists social media contributors. Is he right or dangerously hurt?