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Justin Llamas wins a record 4 AWARDS at the Gran Royale Music Awards

Eye’z & Justin Llamas are two of the most popular singers in the San Francisco bay area. Justin Llamas is a big time youtuber with two albums under his belt & over 4 million youtube views. His latest Album is “Party on the outside”

Justin Llamas won 3 Awards for Feel Good Pop single for “Party on the Outside” Best Pop vocals for “You Run I follow” & a nomination for “Outside the Box” for being a free thinker but it was his win for “Most Magnetic personality” where Eye’z presented his award, a quick hug and a smile was given straight ahead to the cameras only to last fans a lifetime.
Justin Gave a heartfelt speech thanking his Aunt Len whom he dedicated his award to.

Eye’z won an award “social media star of 2019” and also performed a quick piece on the piano singing her song “Lovely” which left the audience in awe as the host Sandra Risser thought she was performing to tracks!
Justin Llamas is the only artist to win 4 awards at the Gran Royale Music Awards

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