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Raveena Kapse. Leaving A Mark On The Acting World Wherever She Goes

Why do so many people want to be in the movie business? An actor friend of ours went to Mexico City and met a psychologist who was friend with the people he was visiting and when the psychologist found out he had been in some movies he said that he would do anything to be in the movie business. Now, here was a guy who had built up a very successful practice and had a big beautiful house and a lot of money and one of his dreams was to be in the movies. It was an eye-opener for us. 

It may have surprised us that a man with advanced academic degrees wanted to be in the entertainment industry but it didn’t surprise us in the least that he as a human being wanted that dream for his life. Unfortunately, he never pushed himself to get out of his 9 to 5 job and move into the movies. However, there are people who actually do just that. Raveena Kapse is one of them. She is from Mumbai, India and worked as a business analyst in NYC when she mad a choice to change her life and go 100% into acting. That is such a big deal that most people, understandably, would never throw away financial security and a stable day job just to try to grab hold of a life-long dream.  

Raveena is one of those rare people who is talented and is driven – in fact driven to succeed as an actress in one of the toughest businesses in the world. Since she moved to Hollywood her CV has gotten brim full with scores of acting jobs in commercials, plays, music videos, TV series and short films. It’s like she has been acting all her life – or at least her resumé hints at that. Raveena also received a Best Supporting Role nomination in one of Mumbai, India’s film festivals for her movie “Mumbai Rains” and a Best Female Lead nomination for ‘Life in College’.

Raveena feels as though she has been acting all her life, she told us recently. In high school and college she acted in plays and skits in the drama club and even when she was earning her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at Pune University she acted, sang and danced her way all through it. Then she moved to New York City and received a Master of Business Administration and worked as a Business Analyst. This is where the comparison between Raveena and the psychologist comes into play. She had a steady job with a nice income and worked in the Big Apple – all very cool things to do. She had a choice – just like the psychologist, and she made the decision to follow her dreams and move to Los Angeles and she actually became a professional working actress – which is a great lesson for all of us. It’s never too late to go after your dream.

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