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Why Joseph Bonner Won’t Sign Autographs

Joseph Bonner, host of the hit show “The Joseph Bonner Show, refuses to sign autographs for his listeners for one of the most beautiful reasons.

According to a new release by iCast Media, Joseph Bonner took to the air recently to express his desire for people not place him on any pedestal.

He goes on to express his desire for his listeners to feel just as important as the next person, be they celebrity, boss, co-worker, etc.

To promote a high level of self-esteem, Mr. Bonner encourages his listeners weekly on ways they can manage stress, cope with the aftermath of abuse and or make progress towards their future goals.

Honestly, with so much stress in the world today, the Joseph Bonner Show may be just what the doctored ordered.

Thak you Joseph for reminding us that we are all stars.