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British Designer Stephen Arthur

Today we feature the talented British based fashion designer Stephen Arthur, Who is really making a name for himself not just in England but internationally. He has recently opened his first pop up store clothing store within Stockholm, Sweden and is now slowly building his empire by empowering youths to take full control over their creative destiny.

Stephen Arthur
Stephen Arthur

Stephen Arthur didn’t take the conventional route like many, within fashion. It first started with sketching designs within his parents public house. His talents were then recognised by local customers and his family, which led him to pursue an unexpected career within fashion and design.


Since then, Stephen Arthur has opened his own business creating unique statement garments for both men and women. He’s designed pieces for Ella Eyre, Azelea Banks, Kanye West, Ciara and many more artists.



We previously met Stephen at a youth ceremony, and he said

“My dream is to continue encouraging young people, to become better versions of themselves but also to be expressive in the way they dress, which reflects self confidence.

When I create clothing, i want people to feel like they’re apart of something that is larger than life“


You can find out more about Stephen Arthur on  www.stephenarthur.net