Daphne Tenne with Mena Suvari and Kayla Strada from the left (also in 'Love Is') and actress Oksana Maria Lorczak on the right
Daphne Tenne with Mena Suvari and Kayla Strada from the left (also in ‘Love Is’) and actress Oksana Maria Lorczak on the right

Aren’t people interesting? There’s something unique about every one of us, of course, but when we start digging into what makes humans tick, we discover that some of our brothers and sisters who share this planet with us are even more interesting than others. Case in point: Daphne Tenne.

First of all, she’s a beautiful woman, which sets her apart from a lot of us right there, but we won’t hold that against her. Secondly, she’s an amazingly talented actress, which, once again, puts her in the small percentage of highly interesting people who get to pretend to be someone else all day and then get paid to do so. We find acting to be incredibly interesting in itself but will have to explore that subject at a later date. When we looked into Daphne’s acting career we found out some pretty cool stuff about her.

Before she became a successful actress, we discovered that this extremely intelligent young woman was born in Greece, spent time in the Israeli army working on computers then decided to become an actress. Apparently, things happen very fast in Daphne’s life – when she makes a decision, things change – life changes. She had been acting in Israel for some time but once she decided to go to the states and further her career there, she applied for and received a full scholarship to the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Hollywood, California. See what I mean? She just packed up and moved and studied and acted and whatever it is that actors do and then she started getting acting roles left and right as if her name was Daphne and the Greek god Apollo was in love with her. Wait, wait…could it be that…Okay, enough of this. Let’s continue.

Daphne performed at the Greek Film Festival just last week with Mena Suvari, from American Beauty, and Yorgos Karamihos, the famous Greek celebrity with whom she worked on Love Is. She felt right at home there standing with her friends and acting associates such as, Kayla Strada (Love Is)  and the Swedish actress Oksana Maria Lorczak.

Daphne has played all types of characters, from a deaf-mute woman to a Puerto Rican in the U.S. who struggles to earn money to send back to her family. She was also in the ultra-successful short film Love is, which is currently being developed into a feature-length motion picture which she is set to star in. How interesting does that make Daphne Tenne? We think very interesting, and we’ve only barely touched the surface of this truly uncommon woman. Look for her on the red carpet at her next premiere and if you have any computer programming questions be sure to bring those with you, she’ll have a solution for you.