One of Australia’s Most Talented Lilly Dennis

When you go see a lot of plays, films, web series and even Broadway shows the first question that always comes to Americans’ minds is, “Why aren’t there more talented Australian actresses who can act and write and just simply entertain us the way the other Aussie’s have in the past?” Yes, you’re right, the question is probably much shorter in someone’s mind but we just wanted to make sure we imparted the correct concept of that too common inquiry. The name that has been popping up lately and quite frequently in the brains of those same people has been Lilly Dennis, the most current Aussie actress to remind Americans what they are missing.

There are plenty of other Aussie actresses who are extremely talented, no doubt, such as Nicole Kidman, Rose Byrne, Margot Robbie, Rachel Griffiths, and among others, Anna Torv and Naomi Watts. They can act, they are all versatile in the roles they choose and they are entertaining. Okay, then, why the long question? Very simple: Australian women in particular, have something special about them and we think that Americans just want more of them to come over here and flood the movie business, so to speak. They have all the requirements to be Oscar winners, and some have already done that, and there is something genuine about them that can put other nationalities to shame. Forgive us – we don’t want to offend – only to observe.

Okay, getting back Lilly Dennis. She can act and she is extremely adaptable and super resourceful with every character she has chosen to play. She has been acting since she was ten and has been through years of extensive training and had some of the finest acting teachers available on this planet. She has done Shakespeare and Tina Fey’s Mean Girls, to name but a few, which demonstrates both skill and the ability to control herself as a classical actress and a contemporary character.

She has also been in several films, two of which we should mention here. In Still Here, an Angela Benitez directed project that was produced by Warner Bros. and AT&T, Lilly plays Tina who has passed on but doesn’t realize that she is in fact, dead. She creates a lot of interesting issues for actress Stina Kalman’s character who was Tina’s best friend (when she was alive). Another production that Lilly is very proud of is a mockumentary directed by Nick Conroy and titled Dr. Phlill. It’s a mischievous tale of a TV reality show about couples seeing a therapist that has just gotten the green light for three seasons of production.

Something that really sets Lilly Dennis apart from the actresses mentioned above and actually, most actresses and actors in history, is her writing skills. She wrote an award-winning one-woman show called Chocoholic, in which she starred, of course, and which also landed on Broadway! Actresses, Australian actresses, are amazing.