Cassandra Hodges

When I first set eyes on Cassandra Hodges I imagined her being my best friend, my girlfriend, my wife and even my mother. After enjoying all of those relationships in my mind and then seeing a psychiatrist, who reassured me that I was normal and shouldn’t worry about it, I realized that this woman was an interesting person. And not only was she interesting but I found out that she was an actress, a highly skilled and experienced actress.

Well, as it turns out, Cassandra, the actress, is also a theatre producer and co-runs a theatre company in London called Tales Retold. Oh, and she’s also the resident producer at the Hope Theatre, which shouldn’t have surprised me or anyone else. It was obvious that each piece of information I gathered about this intriguing woman led me to something new about her. It also led me to see that there was no end to my fascination with this English woman with the sparkling green eyes and soft reddish hair.

I found out that she has had countless desirable roles (aren’t they all desirable?) in Shakespeare’s plays. She was in Othello, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream among others, and then she went on to sing (Soprano) in Sweeney Todd and even more musicals. Then I discovered that she studied Ballet for years and also dances jazz, tap, salsa and who knows what else – the list just kept going and my eyes got tired. She also plays the ukulele and flute and can turn on an accent in a heartbeat. She is more than competent in Cockney, London, of course, American Standard English, Irish, Yorkshire, Australian and Welsh to name a few.

As if all that isn’t enough talent and experience for one human being to have, Cassandra has been in numerous TV series and commercials along with feature films. In TV she was in The Bletchley Circle, The Many Loves of Jane Austin, Noel’s HQ and After You’ve Gone. Her feature film experiences look like they’ve been a lot of fun for her, too. She’s in the soon to be released Jason Bourne 5 and she appeared in Me Before You as well as others.

Cassandra loves the theater and she loves entertaining people and making them laugh. She got rave reviews in The Big Bite Size Breakfast Show and in Lunchtime Fourplay3. When she’s not producing a show, acting in a serious drama or doing a bit of comedy, Cassandra is probably on a movie set hitting her mark and saying her lines in front of a camera. Such an interesting woman!