The brilliant and gifted actress Sarah Josephine Bosch

Sarah Josephine Bosch

As a writer myself I am very drawn to words, poetry and stories. Thursday evening I was reading Goodbye Charles, a stage play from Gabriel Davis. I really enjoyed the plot and a few key elements in it brushed my curiosity to dive deeper into the story. My attention fell on the character Jill with her melodramatic monologue “I ate the divorce papers”. Browsing on the great Youtube I found some live reads and clicked a version performed by Sarah Josephine Bosch that resonated loudly.

It seems Sarah made the play her own in short film format. She reminded me of a modern day version of Grace Kelly. It reminded me how one idea, or monologue in this case, can create a full-length idea perfect for a film. I contacted Sarah via for a brief chat to discuss her future endeavors and reason behind the use of that specific monologue. I also asked her questions regarding her desire to perform predominately “American” made pieces and she expressed to me that it was important to embrace a lifestyle of culture not familiar to hers. She fell in love with the challenge of becoming the person she was raised to be. I also talked about her future plans and I must say she has a clear picture of what to do next.

It is amazing how talented our human counterparts are across the globe. It is even more bizarre how much American influence has pushed people thousands and thousands of miles away to top tier levels of brilliance. She was a pleasure to find and even more of a delight to have met. I am looking forward to her latest work as I know with the right decisions and continued determination she will be an imported success for folks here in America who welcome diversity and greets being different as unique. Now you can go check out Sarah Josephine Bosch for yourself.





By Roderick Holmes