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Jade Kevin Foster Flaunts Second New Lover This Year

Love can be fickle, as Jade Kevin Foster has proven to his fans. This Australian eye candy is no stranger to love and isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, as evidenced by the fact that he has been spotted around town with his ex’s replacement.

As happy as he seems to be with his new beau, we have to wonder how long that will last, considering his propensity for upgrading his eye candy when the opportunity arises. After a broken engagement last year it seems that Jade isn’t letting the grass grow under his feet when it comes to moving on with his newest hottie.

Though men all over Australia are clamoring for a chance to date this hunk, Jade seems to be over the moon with his current man. And while we are over the moon for him, we do have to stop and wonder if this time, love will conquer all or if Jade will find himself single again.

Whether you want him to or not probably depend highly on your predilections for the men you date. Alas, for now all any of us can do is to continue to follow not only Jade’s career, but his endlessly entertaining love life as well.

When Jade isn’t busy with his new love he is hard at work as a model for WINK. Meanwhile his weekends are spent engaging in various club promotions. So keep an eye out for everyone’s favorite male model as he continues to blaze a path to success.

Jade Kevin Foster
Jade Kevin Foster

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