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World-Renown Private Level Coach Lionza Launches new Radio Show in 2019

Los Angeles, CA – Jan. 22, 2019 – Business, love and life coach, Andreina Lionza Urdaneta, better known as Coach Lionza, will be hosting her new “Ask Lionza” show beginning in May of 2019. Individuals can subscribe to her newsletter for updates on the show that will provide advice and inspirations. The topics range from manifesting goals, living an abundant life, how build healthy relationships, and addressing the life challenges of women over 40.

“My coaching is designed to inspire, motivate, energize, and help individuals to vibrate at a higher frequency.” This are the words and desires of coach Urdaneta.

As the New Year unfolds, many women are seeking change.  Using the platform of NLP Spiritual Counseling Coach Lionza has provided white glove high impact perzonalized sessions, and experiences that have transform women around the world.

The Coach in association with Uma Flor Coaching Experiences a shamantic organization directed by Shaman & Rev. Tasha Alba  in the United States will be traveling, speaking, and hosting live & streaming events in the cities of Los Angeles , Las Vegas, and Sedona. The topics will be featuring the emotional renovation, spirituality, and intelectual empowerment of women over 40.  Where the magnetic super empowering duo offers life changing , soulfull cleancing, and recalibrating workshops designed to promote the rebirth and renewal of their guests using Neuro Linguistic Programing & Spiritual recalibration.

“Our beautiful guests are practitioners of all known and unknown religions and cultural backgrounds; however we are not religious women, we dont believe in Religiosity, we are how  Spiritual Practitioners & deeply intuitive, and Spiritually awakened team.” This are the words of coach Urdaneta.

The NLP Spiritual Counselor & Holistic Life Coach has 30 years of  Coaching experience and has provided unique professional services to some of the most recognizable global brands ranging from universities, technology companies, giants in the print industry, TV industry, and entertainment media.

Coach Lionza delivers deep impact recalibrating sessions to  women over 40 co-creating a new way life. The techniques deliver post sessions follow up work, assisting women in their goals of  become tronger, more confident, assertive, and in control of their life goals. The sessions bring a variety of customized coaching Sessions , techniques, personalized recordings to reprogram,  release old habits, assist in the maximization of their talents, and skills to reach the very best version of themselves. Clients will feel renovated, recharged their goals in business , career, sex ,intimacy, dating ,love, relationship, and the  empty nest syndrome challenges. Her holistic approach to coaching is infused with Neuro Linguistic Programing modalities a scientific proven method, and Modern spiritual component to create fast healing with meaningful changes that transforms lifes. The Coach utilizes Intuitive, spiritual, and neurolinguistics strategies for personal empowerment.

The Methaphisical & NLP Style Coach  believes in a constant evolvution and continuously renews her commitment to her clients by constantly gaining more spiritual awareness, and knowledge. Coach Lionza  was recently awarded a Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, and instructor certification. The Coache’s true goals are those of genuingly assisting women over 40 to find the bliz ,the joy , fulfillment , love , career advancement, and motivates them to live a fully  spiced life again no matter what stage of their life they are in.

  Coach Lionza  provides a new perspective that helps  individuals stay focused, positive, and grounded. Special interest nitch featuring  single moms, women over 40, women who are facing the empty nest syndrome, women who are confronting the devastating loses of a  traumatic divorce, or separation by death, and women who are afraid to love as well as to have intimacy again, or have not dated for years.  I would be helping Single, or Divorced women who spent their lifes doing nothing but raising children who left home, women lost and desoriented by  life changes, and minority businesses owners who are looking for business development with expansion. The Coache’s methods are highly successful as evidenced by her 30 year career and her very own 18,000 –  5 star ratings.

The coach’s new “Ask  Lionza” show will launch in May of 2019, providing individuals with an opportunity to obtain advice and guidance from one of the most well-known Private Level Life Coaches in the world. To stay apprised of details of the launch, individuals can register to receive her newsletter for more updates at www.coachlionza.com

About Coach Lionza

Coach Lionza has an extensive range of professional experience, accreditation, and certifications to her credit. Future works include graduating in 2020 with a degree as a Doctor of Metaphysical Hypnosis MHYP.D. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Human Resources Management. Coach Lionza is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, and is globaly certified as a Life & Business Coach; Law of Attraction Teacher; Usui Ryoho Reiki Master and instructor; Coach Lionza is certified in Relationship Coaching, Forensic Healing, Grief and Bereavement, Naturopathy, Marriage and Relationship Coaching, spiritual counselor; and inspirational keynote speaker. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

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