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Alberto Accettulli: Filmmaking Daredevil

Alberto Accettulli is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker whose unorthodox approach to films and storytelling were born from an extreme sport athlete’s vantage point.

Alberto is a former competitive BMX mountain biker who traded the rush of daredevil sport for capturing awe inspiring images behind the camera. Influenced by action sports, Alberto’s childhood was spent watching extreme sports videos of skateboarding, mountain biking, bmx, motocross, skiing and snowboarding. His passion for the thrill of sports gave life to his dreams of becoming an action sports director. His training is self-taught, watching VHS videos and learning on the run by trial and era with guerrilla camera work.

Alberto began his career filming for Nike and Red Bull. The highlights of his career include a campaign for Skoda – a car brand from Europe in the Volkswagen family. Filmed in the Himalayas, the campaign featured mountain bike and car performances at 17500 feet of altitude was a great challenge. The shoot was twenty days with the challenges of limited oxygen. The spot earned 6 million views on the first online release of the documentary and has been screened in many sport festivals all over the world. In addition, Alberto is proud of the PSAs he shot for the charity no-profit organization called DKMS – that cares for patients searching for a bone marrow transplant. “It’s something completely different from my usual kind of films. But it gives me the opportunity to do something for people in pain, to support the cause and help to raise money.”

Alberto is a global filmmaker competing with directors from all over the world for projects in Dubai, China, Indonesia and Europe, and USA. “Every time I get a project, I do my part to make it into a huge success.”

Alberto’s greatest career achievement is being awarded first prize at The America’s Cup Video Contest Of The Year, organized by Oracle. Alberto is most honored when his action films are screened at the Bicycle Film Festival. “Being a part of this festival is always a great honor and brings great satisfaction”

Currently, Alberto Accettulli is working on filming campaign spots for Pirelli’s new motorcycle tire, a campaign for Jeep, another one for Renault and a series of digital films for Ducati.