The Super Exclusive Rewards Card That Every Celebrity & Influencer Is After

Inside the world of the rich, famous and followed there are many perks and pleasures that can be enjoyed but none more so right now than the new Opes Robur Royale Rewards Card.

The highly sought after rewards card is available by invitation only and rumour has it it’s limited to just 100 accounts in 2019! If you’re lucky enough to get hold of one, your card will be coming complete in a luxurious matte black box alongside a beautiful brochure explaining all of the
wonderful things you can benefit from by being a card holder. the card itself is made from a luxury blend of Titanium Steel and is sure to draw attention when you’re out and about and with your social circles!

With card holders benefiting from many luxurious perks including tickets to exclusive fashion and music events, free weekends away to exotic destinations and unlimited referral commission, it’s clear to see why everyone is wanting one. Further to this, card holders receive pre-loaded credit available to shop with online at the luxury jewellers website.

So how can you get hold of one of these cards?

Well, as we said before, sadly they’re invitation only. However we did some digging to find out just what it is that qualifies you for one of these cards! We were amazed to find that the average card holder possesses over 1.2million social followers, so unless you’re a member of Little Mix, the head of a political party or been on a popular tv show recently, chances are you’re out of luck for now!