5 exercises to improve sex life

The sex is like a sport more; the more trained we are, the better results we have in bed. It is proven that people who exercise regularly have a better sex life than those who do not exercise. And this is a vicious circle: the better our sex, the more sex we want to have.

For women, for example, physical activity helps us directly to orgasm more easily, and at the same time to have more intense orgasms. Best cardio exercise improves our health, our mood, puts us in optimal physical condition, improves our appearance, increases our self-esteem…; Do you think sex life could be left out of this whole combo of exercise benefits?

So, do not waste time, wear your sports clothes and salt to practice some of these exercises to improve sex life!

# 1 Pole dance

The pole dance or pipe dance, without doubt, has a great effect on the sex life. It is no longer an exercise in itself; is essentially an erotic dance, a seduction tool, so just practicing it improves our self-esteem, makes us feel sexier and triggers our sexual desire.

And as an exercise is very complete. With the dancing of the pipe almost all the muscles of the body are strengthened; arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back, and burn lots of calories, about 500 in a one hour class. So we lose weight, shape our figure and put ourselves in better physical condition, which makes sexual intercourse longer, more intense and more pleasurable.

Time to sign up for a pole dance class now!

# 2 Salsa lessons

Any activity that allows you to be close to your partner will increase the attraction and sexual desire between both. Salsa, for example, is a very fun dance to practice with your boy, that will help them to connect more, and that will make them entertain together!

It is proven that sharing activities with the couple brings many benefits to the relationship both in bed and outside. And let’s not forget that dancing is a perfect exercise; in half an hour of sauce you burn about 200 calories.

# 3 Arab Dance

There is nothing sexier for a man than a woman who knows how to move her hips well. Why not learn Arabic dance to surprise our lover? A sexy dance can add many points in the previous to a sexual relationship, and know how to do it well, you will feel much safer and more sensual.

The Arabic dance also is a comprehensive exercise that makes us spend 350 calories in just one hour. Thus, the Arab dance helps us to shape the body.

# 4 Yoga

With yoga we exercise our body, we learn to breathe better and to relax more easily, three very important things to enjoy more of the sex life.

Certain yoga postures strengthen the muscles of the hips, muscles, and pelvis, making it easier to reach orgasm, and even have more than one!

# 5 Aerial Acrobatics

The acrobatics area, like gymnastics in fabrics, is becoming more and more popular. It is an incredible exercise, which strengthens your muscles and increases your flexibility as few, without forgetting the adrenaline generated by being hung by the air. It feels like you’re flying!

Defy gravity, learn to move in the air, speed up the body … Undoubtedly, with aerobic gymnastics, you are physically prepared for all the sexual positions of the Kama Sutra.

In case this was not enough, at the same time, sex improves our health.

Tell me which exercises you will begin to practice!