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Robyn Duse Manifests Her Destiny For 2021!

I recently caught up with the beautiful and talented Robyn Duse, to talk about her upcoming projects, what inspires her and her advice to guide other creatives. The pandemic has been a trying time for all of us but thankfully, there are people like Robyn Duse, who still continue to move forward and stay positive no matter what. Here is what she had to share with the readers:
Its great catching up with you! Since we last spoke, what have you been up to? Do you feel that you have grown a lot more as an artist over the years? Also what are your plans for this year?
Yes absolutely! I have definitely evolved as a person over the years, which has also translated into my creative process. How we grow as people/artists, is by experiencing many trials and tribulations then reflecting back and asking ourselves what those experiences have taught us. This year I am extremely excited to return to Los Angeles. My soul gravitates to LA, as its where feel at home, where I connect with many industry creatives and create on a much deeper level. It is also where I feel alive, where my heart and soul resonates. I feel very blessed to have many great opportunities, working on some amazing projects in LA as well as many other cities.

I am excited to further venture into the co-producing and producing world which I am thrilled to explore further. It will give me a greater insight and knowledge learning alongside reputable Hollywood producers. I have recently launched our new production company called “Chrysalis Film Productions”. We are currently working on a project that is very close to my heart and I am excited to be the creative director on this project, alongside many reputable industry creatives in Hollywood. 

I also feel blessed to collaborate with some fellow industry creatives to launch our non-profit association “Oceanic Film & Television Association”. We are extremely grateful to create this opportunity for other creatives. The association will offer many on-line/in person seminars, workshops, industry courses, screen test workshops with both Australian and Hollywood industry professionals as well as much more. More details will be coming soon. Stay Tuned! 

What has been one of your most memorable projects to work on during the pandemic? 

There’s been so many amazing creations during the pandemic that I have been working on creating. I honestly don’t have a favorite, as I feel very blessed and excited to see them come into fruition. I have been quite busy during this time, working on many projects. 

You conducted quite a few great interviews during this time, which ones were highlights? 

Yes! During the pandemic and especially during lockdown, I felt as though I needed to create a platform to give back to creatives online, which was very successful. Some of our guests were: Hollywood industry icons ‘Michael Mandaville’ (TAKEN 1,2,3 starring Liam Neeson) ‘Steven Bernstein’ (MONSTER starring Charlize Theron, WHITE CHICKS, WATER BOY starring Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, SCARY MOVIE 2,  BULLETPROOF starring Adam Sandler, James Caan & many more. Both Michael and Steven have an enormous wealth of knowledge in the industry, are highly respected and have many credentials. The creatives who attended found these online events extremely valuable and personal with many requests to host more online events with Hollywood industry professional guests.

What is your best piece of advice to stay mentally and physically healthy during these times and new adjustments? 


“Life is going to test you, no matter what. I think it would be best to decide whether you give it all you can in LA or in Australia, as both are quite challenging to manage. It can be challenging to get the results you really want here, when only committing 50 percent”. 
That was a turning point for me – I knew that I was not fully giving it my all, (in either places) and that I needed to make a decision and some changes. 

This piece of advice changed my whole perspective in life – “When you get back to Australia – life is going to throw you in all different directions and it will get hard–but just know it’s a test to see if this is what you really want, or not. People who are successful have been through so many adversities, but they stay on course–this is to see how much you really want it, how much you are prepared to go through, or if you will give it all up when life gets too hard, as most do. When you are going through it, keep pushing through and stay true to your vision”. 

Through all of my adversities in my life, (as it’s been a big rollercoaster ride) this is one of the things that pulls me through, to keep following my vision and path. That conversation is still a turning point for me, it turns me around from feeling defeated, sometimes feeling like I want to give it up – to having strength and courage to keep going to pursue my vision. From this advice, I encourage anyone to take some downtime, to really reflect on your life, what is it that you really want? What is it you can change, for a better you? 

No matter what the circumstances are around us, there is always opportunity for growth, to implement changes–and a great time to reflect and put those words into action. Make 2021 your year by not allowing the world to dictate everything! You are in control of your own destiny.

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