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Samantha Tansey Transforming Characters from Scripts to Screen

Makeup and special effects are essential to the filmmaking process. Experts like Samantha Tansey, make it possible for risks to be taken adapting a script to screen and to allow imagination to become reality.

Born and raised in London, Samantha’s career began in film and television production. Upon graduating with a BA (Hons) degree in film and TV studies at Southampton Solent University, Samantha spent five years in production, working at The Disney Channel.

A visit home with her mother reminded Samantha of her childhood interest in makeup.

“My mum told me she always saw me doing makeup. I was a bit of a weird child when I was around twelve years-old. I used to invite the neighborhood kids over and put makeup on them to make them look like dead bodies – then take pictures of them.”

The realizing of character on film, screen and stage demands an elite skill set and craft. Samantha made a decision to reinvent her career path and redirect her passion – attending The Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles. The Master of Makeup program trained Samantha in beauty, fashion, body painting to character, prosthetics and special FX.

“I was determined to be the best I could be. I practiced every minute of every day.”

Samantha’s diligence paid off, earning her (on two occasions) an honored selection for the exclusive ‘Leonard Engelman Fellowship Program’, in the departments of beauty and fashion, and the other in character makeup.

Upon completion of the fellowships, Samantha worked in Los Angeles, gaining valuable experience on films, TV, theatre, commercials, music videos, online content, webisodes, live events, and fashion shows.

Samantha’s expertise have been invaluable on feature films like Netflix’s, ‘VANish’, Bollywood’s, ‘Judwaa 2’, the feature film, ‘Fanged Up’, and in The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of ‘The Tempest’. As a key makeup artist, wig artist, special effects artist, Samantha has contributed to the success of these productions by performing blood gags, blood rigs and cannons, elaborate wigs and performing in record times under extreme conditions.

Samantha continues to keep up with the latest techniques and procedures in the craft.

“I challenge myself and always keep my skill set to the latest techniques. Makeup artists more and more are expected to deal with hair from modern to period styling, cutting, blow drying, barbering – to be competitive in this industry we have to be prepared to add these skills.”

Samantha furthers her training by studying with experts in her field: Mike Mekash (American Horror Story), Rupert Simon (Star Wars: Episode III, Clash of The Titans), Bruce Spaulding Fuller (Avengers: Infinity War, Thor), Michael Spatola (Terminator 2, Predator 2), Robert Kato DeStefan (Star Trek, Guardians of The Galaxy).

Samantha Tansey’s passion for the art of makeup, hair and special effects -and a dedication to grow and excel as an artist- reinforces her as an invaluable asset to any film and production company.