18 Things You Didn’t Know About Ethan Paisley

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> Stylist: Jacqueline Urbina, Clothes: H&M, Zara Man, Helmut Lang. Shot in Chinatown, SF.
Rising star predator (producer-writer-editor) Ethan Paisley turns 18 today August 1, 2018. Since the mere age of six, the proud Leo has been inspiring the world around him into action with his numerous films, media campaigns, and international talks. Now that he’s an adult, we wanted to honor him by offering him 18 opportunities to let us know 18 secrets. Happy #18 Ethan!!!
1. He’s a fashionista!
“I guess you could say my style is eclectic. Usually neutral, blue preppy basics from Club
Monaco or Uniqlo, always paired with classic accessories from Gucci or Hermès.”
2. Filmmaker, Actor, and Cross Country Runner?
“I run 5-6 miles everyday!”
3. Ethan is a “Black Mirror” Fanatic.
“It’s my favorite TV show next to Big Little Lies. I can’t take my eyes off either show.”
4. He started acting on stage as early as he can remember.
“I was a total spaz, I think my first directors despised me for it. But theatre is the best way to find
a passion bigger than yourself, it forces you to value community.”
5. He’s had two films screen and win distribution at the Cannes Film Festival.
“Cannes is one of my favorite cities on earth. It has a special place in my heart.”
6. At 13 he was a YouTuber, grossing over 1 million views and 10 thousand subscribers in less
than six months.
“YouTube teaches you how to do it yourself, and that’s how things get done in the business
these days! Every filmmaker should have or at least start with a YouTube channel.”
7. His favorite movie is “Chinatown.”
“It’s a classic. Polanski is definitely one of my favorite directors.”
8. He took on a CEO position with his production company Take18 Entertainment.
“The best learning experience ever, it’s helped me move onto bigger things I’ve always dreamed
of doing.”
9. Ethan Paisley is a cousin of Brad Paisley.
“We’re very distantly related. My grandpa’s cousin’s son!”
10. Ethan speaks fluent French and hopes to self-teach Japanese.
“Je parle francais, mais je suis curieuse dans toute la monde”
11. His brother is his polar opposite.
“Miles is super laid back, plays baseball, likes things simple. He’s also a musician and I’ve been
pushing him to start modeling! He’s mini Brad Pitt, I swear.”
12. He trained with Disney star Anneliese van der Pol.
“It was SO raven.”
13. Ethan’s first feature film “The Art of Escape” premiered in Singapore.
“It also got limited VOD release in Germany and England too!”
14. He’s working on a film to debut on Netflix
“You guys got me there. Literally can’t say anything about that one.”
15. He wants people to know he was born in Texas.
“My Wikipedia says I was born in California! Wrong! I moved here from Texas. Austin born. ”
16. He idolizes Jack Nicholson, Ruth Gordon, Elizabeth Taylor. He is an old soul.
“I love the campy, DIY fashion of the 60s-70s. So many of these people acted fearless and
fought the norm. I take lots of inspiration from their movies and personal resilience.”
17. He considers New York his second home.
“I just feel so connected there. I miss it everyday I’m not there. Part of my family comes from
18. Paisley will be attending Chapman University in the fall.
“I’m pursuing a BFA in Creative Producing, very excited!”
No matter his age, we can’t wait to keep watching Ethan attack it from all angles of the
entertainment industry.
More on Ethan:
Ethan Paisley is a globally renowned 17-year-old writer, director, producer, and founder of production company, Take18 Entertainment. His content has garnered over 1 million YouTube views and a social media following of 20K+. His feature film Point 453 premiered at the 70th Cannes Film Festival where it scored four VoD distribution deals. He later spoke at TEDxSonoma and Variety’s Digital Hollywood about youth in new media. Paisley has won 20 filmmaking awards worldwide. Most recently he was nominated for the American Red Cross Humanitarian Hero – Youth Award for his commitment to overturning human trafficking.