Behind The Creative Eye Of Steadicam Operator Sacha Naceri

When the Steadicam was invented and introduced by Garrett Brown in 1975, it changed how movies were made. It became one of the most incredible magical innovations in the producers’, directors’ and cinematographers’ tool bag. It instantly lowered film budgets by thousands of dollars and allowed more freedom of movement in shooting images that make up scenes in movies. Sacha Naceri is a Steadicam operator with eight years of experience in shooting films, music videos, advertising and luxury sectors, and is Certified by the official Garret Brown Steadicam Workshop in Philadelphia.

Sacha is well known in the industry for his precise camera work, and his exceptional ability to capture the essence of dynamic storytelling and Art direction, all while the camera is in motion. He has worked worldwide on different projects, many of which have been award winners. His portfolio is truly awesome and shows how much confidence directors, producers and Directors of cinematography have in this man with the artistic eye. It is definitely one of the best resumés we have ever seen. It spans a diverse array of projects, demonstrating a commitment to elevating visual narratives through meticulous and innovative camera movement. In other words, he can get the job done on schedule and within budget and at the end of the day his work is world-class and can compete with anyone artistically and technically.

When working as a Steadycam operator, Sacha collaborates with the director and the director of photography to create the vision that the director has. If he is shooting a music video he has to be included in the choreography discussions. He must know where the dancers are going to be next and then he has to make sure the Steadycam is tracking them at all times and not bumping into anybody. It does take rehearsal and planning but Sacha always seems to make it look easy and smooth.
He was the Steadycam operator and collaborated on the creation of the camera Movements on the commercial for WINAMAX, which was shot in Thailand. It won a prestigious D&AD AWARD 2023 WOOD PENCIL. It was directed by: Romain Chassaing and the Director of Photography was Matias Boucard. Matias is a multi award- winning Director of photography for commercial and music videos. This is just a glance at Sacha Naceri’s work. We have only touched the surface of his 15 page CV.

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