Substantial can be defined as something that has real value and worth; it can also be something or someone of great quality and solid character and is of considerable importance. Why would I bring that up at a time like this? Good question. Well, I was in New York a couple of weeks ago and I went to a restaurant, a very casual restaurant, with some of my friends. After we sat down and settled in I nonchalantly looked around and my eyes landed on something that on the surface fit the definition of the aforementioned definition of ‘substantial.’ The only thing was that the something I was looking wasn’t a something at all; she was a beautiful young woman whose laughter, combined with her natural elegance and grace, had substantial written all over it.

The more I looked, and I tried not to appear to be a stalker, the more I realized that I had seen this woman before. In fact, the longer I studied her, the more I felt that I had seen her cry and smile and talk to other people right in front of me. It was the strangest thing, and it only began to clear up when I saw the very clear image of her aiming a large rifle at someone, just waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger. Of course, that image brought me to my senses and I knew instantly that I had seen her in the great J.J. Abrams TV series ‘Person of Interest.’ The woman sitting at a table across the room from me that day was the very talented actress, Theodora Woolley.

I knew her work and her background since I’m a movie and TV fan and also a writer. I knew that she came from England and studied at the legendary Stella Adler acting Conservatory. I knew that she was a very highly trained actress who had performed in classics like, “The Importance of Being Earnest,” “As You Like It’” and “The Odd Couple.” She also guest starred in countless TV series and has three projects coming out this year, “Landing Up,” “The Kidnapping of a fish” and “Broker.” All of which I can’t wait to see.
Seeing Theodora in the flesh was pretty exciting, I have to admit. She’s extraordinary on the screen and she certainly didn’t disappoint in person.

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