The British are coming! The British are coming! Whoa! Take it easy, the British are already here and they’ve been here for a long time and everything is okay. Yes, the Brits have been part of the American movie and TV and stage scene for as long as anyone can remember and it’s not likely to change anytime soon because we Americans would certainly feel the void if all the English actors suddenly packed up their bags and left the country. Where would they go, anyway? Well, that’s for another article.

Guy Adams is a British actor who has landed and settled down in Tinsel Town. He came over only a couple of years ago and already has established himself as one of the premiere actors of his generation. How does that happen so fast, one might ask? Well, it never hurts to ask and that was a very good question. It happens so fast with some actors because they have an enormous amount of talent and they also have enough inner drive to make it happen. In other words, they bring all of their extensive training to each audition they go to and they blow every one away with their sheer skill at mastering a role.

Well, putting it that way really clears a lot of this up. Guy Adams has been acting since he was three-years old so he’s no stranger to auditions and he quite familiar with the process of how one gets into a character to make it completely believable to an audience. Almost every time Guy has been in a film, stage production or TV show he is singled out by critics for the most positive reviews an actor can get. It happened in Seeing is Believing, The Post Shop Boys and All The Lights Are On Here. Those short films were not only well written and directed but extremely well acted by Guy Adams.

He also appeared in the films, Drawn, Eternal Trailer, Bad Credit and Summer Holiday, to name but a few. Next year we will be able to see Guy in two TV shows. One is a mini series called Bomber Command and the other is an ongoing TV show titled, Emergency:LA in which he portrays the paramedic David Hale. Guy is such a fine actor that we are actually very happy that the British are coming and thrilled that they are here to stay.