Natalie H-Alfaro

California Women Auto Dealer Natalie H-Alfaro is staring up the industry catering to Hollywood’s Finest. She is young beautiful and creating quite a buzz, from the East Coast to the West Coast. The word is out on who celebrity EXECUTIVE and CEO in the industries are doing car business with. We have the buzz and she is dominating the market with clients alike. This Entrepreneur, and sole Women Auto Dealer is the real deal with 15 years in the industry moving cars all over the country. She is known for flying clients in on private jets, arranges delivery, and negotiates all contracts exported. Oct 15, 2016 a private red carpet charity event will be happening and a list of VIP celebrities will be attending. Benefiting Visalia Emergency Aid Food Pantry (feeding families).


Stay tuned for photos from the Event with red carpet coverage, we will keep you posted 🙂

pictures courtesy of instagram natalie_h_alfaro