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Kainawa Delivers Package to the World

For years the slang “Package” or “Packaging” was mainly used in West African circles, but now that trendy adjective has gone global thanks to United Kingdom based Sierra Leonean artiste Kainawa, and his debut catchy tune aptly titled “Package.”

The term, which is used in a similar context as popular buzz words “Fleek” and “Turn Up” is currently being added to vocabularies beyond the West African diaspora. In similar context to the slang “swag,” Package refers to phenomenal style, or in the case of Kainawa’s catchy tune—a beautiful seductive woman.
In an interview Kainawa explained that the slang is so entrenched in his vocabulary it was very easy to add it to music: “The slang package or packaging is one that we use a lot; and it was more or less a no brainer incorporating it in a song.”
The artiste disclosed that he had fun recording this debut single, and is currently putting the final touches on his EP: “Package is just one of those fun songs, the kind you listen to when you want to have a carefree moment.” the artiste told us.

Youtube channel: http://bit.ly/2chteYK

Kainawa – Package (Official Music Video) [2016 Afrobeat Release)