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Just Charles Campos’ acting reel and it was inspiring, to say the least. Here’s a guy who came from France, speaks French, German and fluent English and keeps getting these cool acting jobs. Why can’t I be Charles Campos? He’s got everything that’s’ needed to be a great actor (which he is, by the way). He’s handsome, physically fit and he can remember his lines and say them convincingly.

I read a little about Mr. Campos and he was always physically fit, and I presume always handsome too. He grew up snowboarding in the French Alps and if he wasn’t doing that then he was busy playing music, singing or acting in short films and plays. Such a life! Since he knew that he wanted to be in the entertainment industry early on he just stuck with that path and after graduating from college he began getting acting jobs thrown at him. The movie business must have been keeping its eye on Charles because he got acting jobs so quickly that it made some people question whether or not Charles might not be the hidden son of someone like Steven Spielberg or some other famous producer who could grease the proverbial wheel for this young man. Of course, we found out the truth after a little investigation. Charles does actually have all that is needed to be the successful actor on his own. He’s good looking, as we mentioned, he can remember his lines – and he’s extremely talented!

With all of those attributes it’s no wonder Charles got into some really solid movies and gave some great performances. Midnite Cabby was a very funny feature-length film that Charles was in and he was just great. The movie was terrific and can be seen on Amazon and so can Charles. Another cool film he was in was the award-winning Soliloquy, which won the top award for Best Short film at the Nice International Film Festival, which was no small feat.

Charles has done and is doing a ton of commercials, short films and features and his career looks like it is going at full speed with now stopping in sight. He is currently involved in a feature film that’s in preparation called The Silk Road, along with several other projects. We think that Charles needs a vacation because he is one of the busiest actors we’ve seen in quite while. Okay, maybe a short vacation.