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Lady M Day of Hundred Candles: Celebrating Mary B. Galvin’s Legacy in Classical Arts

On a warm summer evening in Chicago, a soft glow emanates from a historic concert hall. The stage is adorned with a grand piano and a single candle, its flame flickering in the dimly lit room. This is the scene of the Lady M Day of Hundred Candles, a mesmerizing tribute to Mary B. Galvin, a renowned arts icon, philanthropist, and leader in the classical world.

Lady M Day of Hundred Candles is a celebration of Galvin’s enduring legacy, one that continues to inspire and ignite passion in the hearts of artists and musicians. The event brings together acclaimed performers, composers, and music enthusiasts from around the world, all eager to pay homage to Galvin’s contributions to the arts.

At the heart of this extraordinary gathering is Laura Gómez, a gifted soprano whose captivating voice resonates with Galvin’s spirit. Gómez takes the stage, her voice soaring through the hall, filling it with emotion and grace. With each note, she transports the audience to another realm, evoking a sense of awe and wonder.


Accompanying Gómez’s ethereal melodies is the enchanting music of Maria Rago, a talented composer who shares Galvin’s passion for creating beautiful and transformative compositions. Rago’s compositions blend elements of classical and contemporary music, creating a unique and immersive auditory experience.

Lady M Day of Hundred Candles not only celebrates Galvin’s impact on the classical arts but also serves as a platform for emerging talents. The event features young artists who have been mentored and supported by Galvin throughout her illustrious career. Their performances serve as a testament to Galvin’s unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation of musicians and artists.

As the evening unfolds, the atmosphere becomes increasingly magical. The music, symbolic of Galvin’s enduring presence, create a warm and intimate ambiance. The audience is transported through a musical journey, feeling the power of Galvin’s influence and the indelible mark she has on the world of classical arts.

Lady M Day of Hundred Candles stands as a testament to the remarkable life and legacy of Mary B. Galvin. Her unwavering commitment to the arts continues to inspire and uplift generations of musicians and artists. Through this enchanting event, Galvin reminding us all of the profound impact one person can have on the world of classical music and beyond.

Listen to Lady M Day of Hundred Candles by Maria Rago on #SoundCloud


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