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J. M. Pozon an award-winning author, writer, poet and novelist is back with a new book Star Dust

Who is the rising star behind the book “star Dust?” J. M. Pozon an award-winning author, writer, poet and novelist is back with a new book Star Dust: From Heaven To Earth we Fall. A celebrated author in the literary community, she garnered much acclaim for her fiery romance novel “Setting Fire to the Darkness” and her soul awakening poetry book “Whiskey for the Wounded.” In total, she has written four books, her two most recent being Star Dust and Passion Fruit.

However, before getting submerged in the literary world of writing, she worked in the medical field for many years as a Surgical Technologist. She was also certified as a CPT, CMA CST and PCT. Skills she used, to help her mother co run their family owned medical trade school.

J. M. Pozon whose given name is Jovahna Marie Pozon is the daughter of an African American mother and Filipino father. She is eldest of five and the proud mother of two teenage boys. She lives in Belleville, Michigan and in her free time enjoys being outdoors in nature. Jovahna considers herself somewhat of an outdoor survivalist. She loves camping, archery and has a pretty serious knife collection. But, when it’s time to relax, you’ll most likely find her curled up, in front of the fire place, with a glass of sweet red wine in hand, as she reads a good book.

Star Dust is an intricately written collection of poetry, prose, and short quotes centered around women’s empowerment. Author J. M. Pozon powerfully uses words, poems, and quotes to take her readers on a journey of spiritual Awakening and self-enlightenment. This is a journey aimed at helping women realize their highest selves. With a beautiful intricate delicacy, she navigates the topics of love, relationships, and femininity. This is truly women’s empowerment at its finest.

Star Dust: From Heaven To Earth we Fall is available on Amazon!

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