Erika Garces
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Erika Garces Supports Diversity Inclusion at the BET Awards this Sunday

The world of filmmaking comprises individuals from many cultures and generations and renowned filmmaker/actress Erika Garces recognizes and applauds that first hand. Garces, who was a special guest at the recent BET Awards this past Sunday, is seen here with the hilarious award-nominee Marsai Martin from ABC’s Blackish. “A wider pool of diversity and new generations create a more innovative and inspiring film scene”, shares Garces, “and each has something unique to contribute.”

Speaking of which, it appears that the rumor was true when people said Ecuadorians always stick together. Rumor has it that three gifted Ecuadorian filmmakers, all hailing from its capital city, Quito, are coming together in Hollywood to collaborate and produce a screenplay written by the extraordinary, Erika Garces.  In fact, a recent photo has surfaced showing Garces and the renowned Ecuadorian film director, Sebastian Cordero, engaged in what looked to be a pre-production meeting.

The brand new project at hand is a film written by Garces, award-winning filmmaker/actress in City of Dreams. Cordero, who is repped by William Morris E, and is rumored to be involved, is highly recognized as a remarkable filmmaker with two of his feature films making the pre-selection list at The Academy’s Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film nominations in 2013 and 2017.

Cordero’s first major feature, Ratas, Ratones, Rateros, had the gifted Matthew Jensen as director of photography (Jensen was also the DP for blockbuster success Wonder Woman and Fantastic Four). How cool would it be to have Garces, Cordero, the Hummingbird Awards judges, plus the up and coming Ecuadorian AFI Alumni, producer Sebastian Arechavala work their magic together?

Erika Garces is copiously gifted in many areas. The sultry talent acts with exquisite finesse, possesses superior writing talents and an eye for creating art on film. Garces is extremely dedicated to her craft 24/7, whether she’s prepping for an audition, writing or making sure she keeps herself in healthy and happy shape. Keeping a regimented routine throughout is a key contributor of success for Garces.

Mindset is another very important component, she adds: “Filmmaking is a lifestyle with no schedule, so keeping your mind grounded and at peace with the often slow process, is crucial”.
It will be wonderful seeing the results that come from this incredibly successful trio from Quito, and we simply cannot wait. We are thrilled not only for Erika Graces but also for the vast potential of an upcoming film project from this remarkable Ecuadorian team in an industry that now embraces, supports and applauds new generations and diversity.